July 24, 2024


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Advantages of SSD over HDD in VPS Hosting

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Over the last decade, VPS Hosting has evolved as a preferred hosting service across websites of different sizes and from varying sectors. When looking for a web hosting server, each website owner looks for specific features. With a range of hosting services to choose from, like Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc., each website owner can find a plan that suits its requirements. 

VPS Hosting offers a range of benefits to websites like account isolation, complete root access, resource scalability, etc., making it a preferred hosting option. With the introduction of SSD-based VPS Hosting, the performance of VPS-hosted websites has received a further boost. Today, we will talk about SSD VPS Hosting and look at the advantages it offers over HDD.

In VPS Server Hosting, your website resides on a Virtual Private Server. The hosting company uses server virtualization to create several virtual servers on a web server. Each server is given dedicated resources, full root access and is isolated from other virtual servers. VPS Servers are available with Windows and Linux operating systems and with HDDs and SSDs storage drives. 

Here are some benefits of SSD VPS Servers over HDD Servers:

1. Better Performance

HDDs have a magnet-coated metallic disk that rotates when data needs to be stored or retrieved. Further, there is a pointer that helps in data storage. An SSD, on the other hand, uses microchips for storing data. Hence, HDDs are slower in processing requests and also need a waiting time between two requests. However, SSDs are faster and have no waiting time. Hence, VPS Servers created from webservers using SSDs offer better-performing websites.

2. Cost-efficiency

SSDs are costlier than HDDs. Therefore, SSD VPS Servers are costlier than HDD VPS Servers. However, the benefits offered by SSDs easily justify the additional costs. Since the disk rotates in an HDD, wear and tear lead to damage and potential data loss. While SSDs are also prone to wear and tear, they usually last much longer than HDDs. This makes them more reliable than HDDs. Further, the performance efficiency offered by an SSD also adds to the cost-efficiency of SSD VPS Hosting.

3. More reliable

As mentioned above, SSDs are more reliable than HDDs since they don’t have any part that needs to physically move.

4. Lower utilization of power

In today’s times, sustainable practices are a must. Most businesses using technology try to use devices that utilize less power as it saves costs and is better for the environment. Between an SSD and HDD, the former uses less power since there are no parts that move.

The following video further highlights the difference between SSD VPS and HDD VPS Servers:

Summing Up

With evolving website needs, hosting services are trying to keep up with the demand for increased efficiency of web servers. SSDs have allowed hosting companies to offer better-performing and more reliable servers to site owners. When coupled with the benefits of a VPS Server, it offers a great platform for new-age websites. With site experience becoming the differentiator between brands and site traffic resulting in paying customers, a powerful hosting service is a must for all businesses. While HDD-based VPS Hosting plans offer benefits too, SSD servers take the performance up a notch. Ensure that you assess what your site needs before you buy VPS Hosting. Good Luck!

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