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7 Ingenious Tech Gifts You Can Give Your Introverted Friend

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Choosing a gift for a loved one is not an easy feat, especially when you are doing so for your introverted friend. Personality and interests often play a major role while choosing a gift, hence, it’s essential to know the likes and dislikes of your friend before you zero down upon gifts. However, given that introverts usually have different choices, opinions, and interests compared to their extrovert counterparts, it’s essential to choose a present that fits their bill. Keeping these things in mind, we’ve come up with a list of tech gifts for your pal. 

1. Screen Magnifier

Screen magnifier
Source: dizaul/Amazon

Price: $21.95

The Screen Magnifier is the best gift for your introverted pal. In addition to the fact that it’s a great substitute for laptops and tablets, it’s also a great gadget to have when you’re traveling as it’s a portable device. 

Watching movies or TV shows on small screens can be discomforting at times, and this screen magnifier can do wonders to eliminate it. The magnifier augments the screen size without compromising image quality thanks to its HD zoom optical technology. 

What’s more, you don’t need any battery to enlarge your screen. The Screen Magnifier can also enhance your gaming experience, provided you’re using a wireless keyboard for playing games on the phone.

Magnetic speakers
Source: KNZ/Amazon

Price: $69.95

Music is the best sidekick for some alone time, and no one can understand this better than an introverted person. These Portable Magnetic Speakers will help your introverted friend enjoy their time in peace. 

As their name suggests, the speakers have a magnetic base that connects them to each other. You can either use one speaker or connect and use them both at your convenience. The durable metal base adds robustness to the design. 

The GoDuo speakers are waterproof, shock-resistant, and provide an 18-hour battery. That’s around 50% more than other wireless speakers. Other accessories that come with the speakers include Aux cable, Carabiner, a charging cable, and a user guide. 

3. Taotronics LED Lamp

Table LED lamp
Source: AFROG/Amazon

Price: $27.99

Writing is among the most common hobbies of introverts worldwide. If your pal is good with the pen, this LED lamp could act as a good accomplice while they’re busy churning out words.

The Afrog LED Lamp has a durable metal body, which means it won’t break easily even if it slips off your desk. It can tilt up to 210 degrees and fold down to 0 degrees. The folding feature makes it portable and easy to carry during travel.

Furthermore, the AFROG LED Lamp has a wireless charging station. It offers both USB and wireless fast charging. The 5-level brightness control system is accessible by human touch. 

The LED lamp also has an auto-timer that can turn itself off without any human intervention. The flicker-free light makes sure you have no visual discomfort while reading or studying late at night.

4. Ember Smart Mug

Smart coffee mug
Source: Ember/Amazon

Price: $99.95

Known as the world’s first temperature control mug, the Ember Smart Mug has a slew of exciting features that makes it a great gift for introverts. It’s a one-of-a-kind product that helps maintain the beverage temperature for 1.5 hours while your introverted friend is engrossed working or gaming on his laptop.

You can choose a temperature between 120°F and 145°F (49°C and 62°C). Furthermore, you can control the mug temperature using special presets via its smartphone app. The mug can function with the manual buttons if you don’t want to use the mobile app.

The Ember Smart Mug comes with a charging coaster, adapter, and a user manual. It deactivates after 2 hours of inactivity and reactivates immediately when you pour a hot beverage in it. What’s more, the ceramic coating makes it easy for users to hand wash it. 

5. Ring Clock 

Ring clock
Source: OAKKY/Amazon

Price: $8.99

Gifts are usually memorable – and the uniqueness of this Ring Clock surely makes it one! More than just a piece of jewelry, this ring clock functions as a clock and shows time, and sure makes for a conversation topic in the crowd. 

The Ring Clock has a premium feel and attractive design in exchange for an economical price. Available in five different sizes, the ring is made of eco-friendly material. It comes packaged in a wood pulp box with a deluxe appearance. The stora
ge box also looks like an elegant gift box.

Though beware, this unisex Ring Clock should not be worn while bathing, doing housework, or swimming. Also, touching it often with sweaty and greasy hands could lead to corrosion. 

6. Microplush Twin Electric Blanket 

Twin electric blanket on the bed
Source: Degrees of Comfort/Amazon

Price: $69.99

Canceling all plans and watching movies under a cozy blanket on a frosty night is the stuff of dreams for introverts. The Microplush Twin Electric Blanket is here to enrich that experience.

Available in five sizes and seven colors, the electric blanket releases the lowest EMF emissions while heating. It has 20 different heat levels that can be controlled using LCD control. 

The Microplush Twin Electric Blanket comes with a 12.5-foot-long (3.81 m) cord, which makes it easier to connect to the outlets on your bedside. The controller cord is 6 feet (1.8 m) long, and you can easily keep it at a safe distance while sleeping. 

You need to disconnect the power and controller cords before washing the twin electric blanket. Wash the blanket in lukewarm water with only an all-purpose detergent cleaner and no other fluid. 

7. HiPal Necklace Adapter

Necklace adapter with Apple watch
Source: HiPal/Amazon

Price: $23.99

The HiPal Necklace Adapter is one of the top gifts for introverts if you’re looking for a meaningful present. The Apple Watch charging in this adapter will look like a luxurious pendant on the neck.  

Designed especially for the Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6, and SE, the chain is made of polished stainless steel. It has a lobster clasp that holds the watch. The HiPal Necklace Adapter is available in two sizes and two colors.

And keep in mind that while these gifts are all unique and noteworthy in their own ways,  sometimes your friendship is the most valuable present for your dear introverted buddy. 

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