July 18, 2024


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41-Meter Golden-Hulled Superyacht Stands Out From the Crowd

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Dynamiq’s new 41-meter Stefania is a glamorous, golden-hulled superyacht with a good amount of substance to back up its lavish style.

As a press release from Dynamiq reveals, 24 months of engineering and construction on the superyacht took place at the company’s shipyard in Massa, Tuscany. Ultimately, this led to the impressive hull and yacht innovations, which enable passengers to glide along the water aboard a state-of-the-art vessel.

The superyacht uses a fast displacement hull designed by Dutch naval architects Van Oossanen, which gives the vessel low resistance as it slides through the water.

41-Meter Golden-Hulled Superyacht Stands Out From the Crowd
Stefania’s golden hull is mirrored by its art deco interior. Source: Dynamiq

While a superyacht is never going to be the sustainable way to get around, Dynamiq says Stefania “is safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly in accordance with the strictest RINA Commercial Class standards” as the reduced resistance from the fast displacement hull equates to lower fuel consumption, even when operating at high speeds.

New concepts such as Sinot’s world-first hydrogen-powered superyacht and Kurt Strand’s solar sail superyacht aim to disrupt the superyacht industry and it more sustainable.

5,000-mile superyacht range at 50 liters per hour

Stefania uses twin MAN V12 1650 engines, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 21 knots, with a range of 5000 miles at 10 knots, and an impressive fuel consumption rate of 50 liters per hour.

41-Meter Golden-Hulled Superyacht Stands Out From the Crowd
The sundeck includes ample seating space and a jacuzzi. Source: Dynamiq

The superyacht also features a special patented “Hull Vane,” which comes in the form of a fixed foil located under the stern of the yacht. The reduced pitch and hull resistance that comes from that innovation allows the Stefania to have smaller engines, allowing the operators to use less fuel.

41-Meter Golden-Hulled Superyacht Stands Out From the Crowd
The superyachting industry is looking to make a strong comeback as we make our way out of the pandemic. Source: Dynamiq

The superyacht’s full-aluminum metallic gold-colored exterior gives it an extravagant look similar to Dynamiq’s Gran Turismo Transatlantic concept.

Of course, the superyacht also comes with luxurious amenities for guests, including a 10-person aft pool on the main deck with a capacity of 4,500 liters and a real fireplace in the main salon, which sounds a little dangerous on a boat.

41-Meter Golden-Hulled Superyacht Stands Out From the Crowd
The rooms on Stefania are much more spacious than the crew capsules on Blue Origin’s rockets. Source: Dynamiq

Covid-19 has, of course, had a great impact on the leisure boating industry — superyacht charter companies, for example, had to lay off up to 60% of their staff.

Still, as we slowly make our way towards the end of the pandemic, many of the world’s wealthiest are looking to get out to sea — or to space — in style. If anyone’s looking to stand out amongst the world’s wealthiest, a golden-hulled superyacht definitely isn’t that far behind an “anthropomorphic” rocket ship when it comes to grabbing people’s attention.

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