June 21, 2024


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3D Printed Concrete Beam Improves Sustainability

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Many of the 3D printed houses and structures we’ve seen use concrete and are — frankly — a little underwhelming. Making big squares out of concrete isn’t that hard and while we are sure there is some benefit, it isn’t overwhelming. [Andy Coward] apparently felt the same way and set out to find ways that 3D printing could offer unique benefits in building structures. The result: a beam that would be difficult to create with conventional techniques but is easy to make with a printer. The advantage is that it uses 78% less concrete than a conventional beam with the same properties.

The key is that in a normal beam, not much of the concrete is bearing a significant load. It is simply there because you need some concrete on one side of the beam and then some more on the other side. In the center, surprisingly little of the concrete actually supports anything. The new beam takes advantage of this along with a steel reinforcement at a strategic point. Still, it uses 70% less steel than a typical reinforced beam.

Reducing material has many benefits. Lower transportation costs and less carbon production, are among them. The beams also have built-in voids that can allow for services like electrical and water. You can see a good diagram of how it all goes together on Minimass’ website. Removing unneeded material is hardly a new technique, of course. We see it often in metal 3D printing, too.


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