June 13, 2024


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Top 5 Immersive Racing Mobile Games for iPhone and iPad

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If a few years ago, fantastic racing games could only be played on a personal computer or game console, now lovers of speed and adrenaline can take part in races on crazy racing tracks even on the way to school, university, or work. Mobile gaming has made significant progress and an immersive experience can be had by running one of the many racing games on your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone Games

However, the wide variety also means that it can be hard to find worthy games. That is why, if you cannot make a choice, then we will suggest what you need to download from the App Store right now.

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Real Racing 3

If you are looking for the coolest game, then you should turn your attention to this mobile game, which is in demand among a huge number of users.


  • There are more than 35 racing tracks located in about 20 locations in different parts of the world;
  • You can choose a car from more than 200 possible options that exist in real life. Drive a Pagani, Bugatti, McLaren, or Koenigsegg, which are as detailed as possible;
  • Enjoy high-quality graphics;
  • You can play with friends in real-time or with their AI-controlled versions.

Asphalt 9: Legends

This mobile game is another leader in its category. Each new part has been modified and thus, we have the best of all, which offers a unique experience.


  • You can play both single and multiplayer games;
  • Drive over one hundred and fifty hypercars that you can upgrade and modify to your taste;
  • About 190 modified tracks are located in real-world locations. In addition, you will have to deal with natural disasters in the form of landslides or tornadoes;
  • You have to complete about 1000 career events alone. You can also play with your friends in real time.


Since the release of this game, the first thing that struck the players is the high-quality graphics that are regularly improved. The game offers the most amazing as well as authentic cars.


  • Drive iconic sports cars from past decades;
  • Become the drift king by constantly upgrading your modern or legendary vehicle to revive its glory;
  • You can customize your car even under the hood.

F1 Mobile Racing

The mobile Formula 1 racing game is as high quality as it is on a gaming console. It surpasses many other mobile games with its visuals. If you have always dreamed of competing with the greatest racers, then you can do it wherever you are.


  • You can build your car from scratch and modify it for each game event;
  • You can compete with both real participants and AI-controlled characters;
  • Participate in high-stakes events to climb the global rankings and earn valuable rewards.

Riptide GP: Renegade

If you want something non-standard and original, then this mobile game is what you need. It doesn’t feel like an official competition, more like an underground competition where the cops can hunt you down. You will drive not modern supercars or racing cars, but jet skis.


  • Your goal will be to complete your solo career, after which additional features such as new vehicles, characters, and bosses will become available to you;
  • Create your team;
  • Compete with participants around the world in online matches.


The advantage is that there are quite a lot of immersive mobile games. You can find mobile games about cars to meet your every need. These 5 games are the best, able to offer you the most unforgettable racing experience.


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