May 30, 2024


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This is the 217mph Pininfarina Battista ‘Anniversario’

This is the Pininfarina Battista Anniversario, and it comes with a special aerodynamics package labelled ‘Furiosa’. Truly, this will ride eternal, shiny, and… not especially chrome.

Spurious Fury Road quotes aside, this is a very special version of an already very special car (that, um, we’re still waiting to see in final production form). The Anniversario is limited to just five models, and each comes appointed with an “exclusive” Pininfarina livery. Hence the anniversary name.

Outside the delightful tricolore finish (‘Bianco Sestriere, ‘Grigio Antonelliano’ and ‘Iconica Blu’), the interesting thing here is the aforementioned ‘Furiosa’ pack. It’s a standard-fit on the Anniversario, but an option for ‘regular’ Battista hypercars, and comprises a new carbon fibre front splitter, carbon fibre side blades and a carbon fibre rear diffuser.

Together with other specific Anniversario additions – a bespoke rear wing, rear aero fins – we’re told the Battista delivers more downforce and better stability during high cornering speeds. Also, we’re promised a better “dynamic balance to the car”. There are no actual figures to document this treatment, but basically: it better.

Elsewhere you’ll find centre-lock, forged aluminium 21in wheels, ditching 10kg of unsprung weight over a regular Battista, blue Brembo calipers, white tyre sidewall lettering (thumbs up), ‘sustainable’ luxury leather on the inside, brushed aluminium detailing in blue, a new seat design and ‘Anniversario’ badging around the car.

As mentioned, only five of these will be built, included in the Battista’s overall production run of 150 cars. And… each Anniversario will cost from €2.6m.

Naturally, you get an awful lot of car for that chunk of change other than some fancy new wheels and an aero pack: there’s the not-so-small matter of a Rimac-sourced 120kWh battery pack sandwiched inside the centre tunnel in a T-shape, four electric motors (one in each wheel) to the tune of 1,900bhp.

Pininfarina reckons on 0-62mph in less than two seconds, 0-186mph in under 12s, a top speed (with special tyres) of 217mph, and the ability to go over 311 miles (500km) on a single charge. While carrying a sporting bent – Nick Heidfeld’s helping develop it don’t forget – it’ll be more of a comfortable, luxury cruiser than a circuit crusher.

Also it’ll still go really fast around a circuit, because Heidfeld told us that during a recent simulator session around That German Racetrack, he had to recalibrate his senses because the thing was so fast. What a day. What a lovely day!

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