May 22, 2024


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Stay Entertained at Home With Airbnb Online Experiences

Make the most of being stuck inside with Airbnb Online Experiences. A virtual version of the company’s one-of-a-kind activities, Online Experiences allow hosts to keep earning and users to keep learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

So maybe you can’t participate in a Japanese tea ceremony, go on a fairy pig walk through Ireland, or help conserve sea turtles in Costa Rica. But you can virtually meditate with Buddhist monks, visit the dogs of Chernobyl, and cook with a Moroccan family.

“Human connection is at the core of what we do,” Catherine Powell, head of Airbnb Experiences, said in a statement. “With so many people needing to stay indoors to protect their health, we want to provide an opportunity for our hosts to connect with our global community of guests in the only way possible right now, online.”

Unlock access to hosts from more than 30 countries—including a British magician, Korean make-up artist, American interior designer, Singaporean food explorer, Mexican cartoonist, Swedish baker, Portuguese wine expert, Italian yogi, and Scottish sheep.

Keeping in mind that not everyone has a computer or access to the internet, Airbnb has partnered with organizations around the world to curate free local Experiences for those folks who want to learn a new skill while remaining healthy and safe.

“Millions of elders aren’t able to go outside and risk their health due to the current crisis, and need activities to help them stay connected to the world around them,” according to Michael Adams, CEO of LGBT aging non-profit SAGE. “Through our partnership with Airbnb, [we are] able to give members of LGBT communities across the country an opportunity to not only meet other people, but also learn a new hobby and travel to nearly anywhere around the world, all from the safety of their home.”

More than 50 virtual Airbnb Experiences are already open for booking online; thousands more are expected over the coming months. Online Experiences are hosted via Zoom, with free accounts provided to hosts to curate, capture, and share their activities. “In-person” Experiences are currently suspended through the end of April.

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