June 12, 2024


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Samsung confirms the Galaxy Note20 and Fold 2 launches on track for H2 2020

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With the uncertainty going on this year, it’s always good to hear that devices you are looking forward to are still on schedule, either because you are a fan of the brand looking for an upgrade or just for the sheer love of technolgy. So we are glad to see Samsung confirming the launch of the Galaxy Note20-series and the Galaxy Fold 2 for the second half of this year in its recent Q1 2020 earnings report. Although the confirmation comes out a little vague.

For the second half, amid uncertainties including the possibility of a prolonged pandemic, market competition is forecast to intensify as manufacturers strive to recover from the weakness in the first half. The Company will continue to offer differentiated products in the premium segment with the launch of new foldable and Note models.

If it wasn’t for the COVID-19 outbreak, we wouldn’t have made a big deal out of this but these are the times we are living in. Rumors about the phones being on schedule appeared to be accurate so it’s probably safe to say that the Galaxy Note20 and Fold 2 will appear sometime in August.

Samsung confirms the Galaxy Note20 and Fold 2 launches on track for H2 2020

We can say this is a sign of stability as even in times of global pandemic, the company is still able to deliver what everyone is expecting.


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