June 19, 2024


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RCS: The Rich New Messaging Protocol

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In the technology space no protocol, standard or innovation is safe. Everything is perfected upon or done away with in favor of a new advancement. The venerable SMS messaging protocol is being churned in support of new protocols. Texting took phone connections to a new level. Messaging allowed people to express in a few words, what they really wished to get across. SMS is now out of date and in steps RCS. The Rich Communication Service now allows messaging to send hi-res images. Larger files, group chat and video messaging are part of the new protocol.

There Are Advantages of Using the Protocol Over Other Messaging Systems.

Verified location. This feature will be useful for both business and users. If you are receiving sensitive information such as a passport, you need to know the information is secure.

Secure. The messages in transit will be encrypted. This differs from messaging apps that have encryption end to end.The SMS is a fallback. Works everywhere, with everyone.

SMS and the new protocol are not branded apps, so businesses will have more control over this phase.Since 2008 GSMA is the official home of the Rich Communication Service. To date, every major carrier and eleven manufacturers have aligned with the GSMA to carry out the new protocol. Google and Microsoft have gone all in on the new protocol. Cloud services and the Azure platform development site are just the beginning of the involvement.

Chatbots are seeing phenomenal success. A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and AI systems, you interact with through a messaging system. The service could be anything from validating a hotel room to purchasing an in-game item on your favorite video game.

Chatbot Frameworks Are Growing and Very Important Technology Groups Are Jumping onthe Bandwagon.

Microsoft Bot Framework. This framework gives developers all they need to build, connect and publish various types of chatbots.Facebook Bot Engine. This bot framework relies on machine learning. You feed basic conversational items into the engine and the software does the rest.

API.ai. This engine provides plenty of libraries for developers, including Android, JavaScript and Python. The API.ai framework is attractive for its integration capabilities.If a developer is considering designing their own chatbot, you must know the distinction between a Bot Development Framework and a Bot Platform.

The Chatbot Development Framework is a pre-defined set of classes and functions developers can use. Bots can be built from scratch using various programming languages. Bot Platforms are individual ecosystems where chatbots can be deployed. Chatbots can interact with users and different platforms. Beginners can use these platforms to develop a chatbot without coding.The new protocol is growing and will offer an upgrade to the current SMS messaging systems. Change will be gradual as most people are reluctant to convert from something they know, works for them. It has yet to be determined whether the Rich Communication Service will be a runaway hit like SMS.

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