July 18, 2024


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Poly Keyboard Has Screens In Every Key

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Aspiring polyglots can be stymied by differing keyboard layouts and character sets when switching concerning languages. [Thomas Pollak]’s Poly Keyboard circumvents this problem by putting a screen in just about every critical of the keyboard.

In his intensive build logs, [Pollak] specifics the various issues he’s confronted even though bringing this remarkable keyboard to existence. For illustration, the OLED screens need glyph rendering to cope with the legends on the keys. Due to the fact the goal is true universal language help, he made use of the Adafruit-GFX Library as a beginning and was equipped to lengthen aid to Japanese, Korean, and Arabic so far in his tailor made fork of QMK.

The attention to element on this create is truly amazing. Beside the dedication to total glyph aid, [Pollak] has measured the total of more drive the flex cables from the OLEDs insert to the actuation of the keyswitches. For the Gateron yellow switch he tested, the difference was about 62.2 g versus the original 49.7 g.

In circumstance you are pondering you’ve seen other monitor keyboard projects, [Pollak] incorporates a roundup of equivalent projects in his logs as well. This isn’t the first keyboard we’ve observed here at Hackaday with an OLED on top rated of a keyswitch, even though [Voidstar Lab]’s MiRage only has three display screen keys that were being eliminated in a later on iteration. If you’d like a a lot more conventional mounted display in your keyboard, examine out [Peng Zhihui]’s modular board with an e-ink screen and haptic responses knob.

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