July 18, 2024


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Page Load Speed and the Web Hosting Service

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Today, we want access to things we need without wasting time. The same goes for those who use the Internet on a regular basis. No one wants to wait for ages to see their favorite website on their computer or mobile phone screens. So, the loading speed of a website matters a lot. Blogs and websites that load in a jiffy do well no matter what device a person is using to browse them. Page load speed is also important with respect to SEO. The speed of a site depends on a lot of factors. And web hosting is one of them. Let’s find out how web hosting effects the speed of a site or blog.

Importance of good Website Hosting

When you open a web page, you are trying to get access to some specific files or programs located on the web server. If that server is slow, the page you are trying to open up will take ages to load. The remote server has to perform three functions to complete the action, namely execution of the code, operating the database queries and providing the required files.

How a web host impacts the load speed of a site

What is it that you should keep in mind to opt for the right hosting package for faster page load times? If you use a personal computer, do you know what components can make your computer operate faster? Hopefully, you do if you are an experienced user. Let’s find out how a server contributes to the page load times.

Hard drive: unlike a regular hard drive, an SSD (Solid State Drive) offers a lot faster speeds. So, if the server uses SSDs, your site will load a lot faster.

Resources: Before you opt for a hosting package, resources is an important factor to consider. If you opt for a dedicated service, your site won’t have to “fight” with other sites for resources, such as disk space, RAM and processor speed. Based on your budget, you can choose a shared or dedicated hosting package.

Local resources: if you keep your resources on the server instead of a shared server, you can enjoy better speeds.

Additional resources: with more process and memory power, your server can execute requests a lot faster.

Faster Hosting VS Page Load Speed

As far as the page load speed is concerned, an upgraded hosting plan can have a great impact, especially for sites that get a lot of traffic. However, the impact won’t be noticeable. If your web pages take ages to load, make sure you opt for a better hosting package.

Code optimization is not enough if you want better page load speed. Make sure you know that your site needs a faster server for better performance before you pay for a more expensive hosting package.

You can also opt for a CDN service to speed up your ecommerce website. It may be of great help even if you have a site that uses a lot of rich graphics, big images and other heavy stuff.

So, this is how a fast web server can have an impact on the page load speed of your site or blog.

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