July 18, 2024


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Metaverse Expo coming to Las Vegas Convention Center

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The inaugural Metaverse Expo is taking place Friday through Sunday in Las Vegas, covering all things tech and digital.

The show will occupy 200,000 square feet at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and is organized by TCG World, an online virtual gaming experience, and Jigsaw Puzzle International Convention, which will host its first-ever convention at the same time in a separate but conjoined area with Metaverse.

“We’re putting on a metaverse, Web3, NFT expo,” said Alex Nase, director of business development at TCG World. “Those are kind of three exciting new industries of business, especially in the cryptocurrency world.”

Metaverse, Web3 and non-fungible tokens, or NFT, is “the next phase of technology,” according to Nase. Metaverse and Web3 are virtual worlds where people can interact with one another.

“There a lot of people (who) have heard of NFTs, they may have heard of metaverse, but a lot of people really haven’t delved into it or got to really check it out, especially in person,” Nase said.

The convention will be packed with events, industry speakers and exhibitors covering topics such as metaverse entrepreneurship, blockchain and artificial intelligence.

“Just the speakers alone are going to be really intriguing for a lot of people,” Nase said. “People come in and get to hear from people that they’ve looked up to growing up or that they follow on YouTube.”

Speakers include WWE Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock, FaZeClan founder Clipz and YouTube channel Project Nightfall co-founders Agon Hare and Sonya Mulkeet.

Luxury cars, racing rigs, e-gaming trucks and a DJ booth will fill up the event floor. Attendees can also look forward to competitions with famous gamers, NFT giveaways and special announcements.

“The primary focus is to get people to come in, have fun, and leave with a couple projects that they’re really excited about,” Nase said.

Tickets start at $99 for a one-day pass and go up to $499.

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