June 16, 2024


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Local Marine veteran creates technology to detect gunfire, create routes to safety

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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – You hope you never find yourself in an active shooter situation, but there’s always a possibility.

A local decorated Marine veteran who is skilled in response to these incidents says most likely, your natural instincts will kick in and sometimes that can put you in harm’s way. 

Ernie Williams has created a new system that he believes will help. Go-To-Green will tell you what to do if you encounter an active shooter. 

Its patented sensors will detect the sound of gunfire in an indoor or outdoor space, then create routes to safety using the basic colors in traffic lights. 

The green lights will guide you to safety and will blink in case you’re colorblind. The red lights mean don’t go that direction because the shooter is nearby. 

The Go-To-Green operations center will be communicating with their clients about what they’re seeing.

“They can get a picture of the shooter identifying who he is and the weapon we can currently see,” Williams said. “If he has weapons hidden, we won’t be able to tell you that.. and we can tell you the direction he’s taking.”

The technology also provides information on the shooter’s whereabouts to law enforcement. They get automated updates sent to their phone.

The City of Anna is the first with plans to implement this technology. 

“Right now we’re getting ready to put it in City Hall and we’re discussion to go further,” Williams said. 

Two local school districts and a mega church are under consideration. 

Williams says to install this system in a school costs about what a school would pay for a set of football gear for one year. 

“Depending on the size of the school about $50,000 – $100,000,” he said. 


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