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How To Backup Your Dedicated Hosting Server?

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Backing Up Your Data On A Dedicated Server: How & Why

In today’s fast-paced online environment, websites are expected to be up and running 24x7x365. To keep up with this expectation, site owners leave no stone unturned. They buy the best hosting services, use the latest security tools, and take various measures to ensure maximum uptime.

Talking about web hosting, a Dedicated Server is the most powerful option, as an entire web server is used solely by your site. When you opt for Dedicated Server Hosting, you are in complete control of the server and can make any changes to boost your site’s performance.

While you might buy the best Dedicated Server Hosting for your site and do all it takes to keep it running, a security breach, hardware/software failure, or even a human error can corrupt or damage data and bring your site down. 

This is where a Dedicated Server backup steps in. Today, we will talk about some effective ways to back up your Dedicated Server.

Tips for backing up your Dedicated Hosting Server

Here are some Dedicated Server backup solutions for your ready reference:

  • Backup Applications

Many regular-use applications offer backup solutions for your Dedicated Server. Some of the most commonly used ones are control panels like cPanel and Plesk. 

Using them, you can set up a backup for your server hassle-free.

  • Backup using RAID

This is a highly reliable backup solution for your server. It consists of a hard drive that has two disks. 

One disk is automatically mirrored on the other. Hence, if one disk fails, the other works as an instant backup.

  • Off-site Backup

If you want to widen the safety net, then you can store the backup of your server in an off-site location. 

This protects your data from corruption and ensures that you have a working copy of your server available at all times. However, if you want to backup your entire server, then sending it to a remote server can take time.

  • Automatic Backup Solutions

You can opt for tools that offer automatic backup of your dedicated server. Many hosting plans include automatic backups to a cloud server as a part of the package. Automating backups helps ensure that you never miss running the backup process and are adequately protected at all times.

Before opting for a backup solution, it is crucial to understand the frequency and extent of backups needed. To ensure the backup is always available, store it on a server as dependable as your dedicated server.


Remember, emergencies strike unannounced. If your server’s data gets corrupted or deleted, the backup can be your only rescue. 

Hence, it is crucial to create a backup strategy based on the criticality of the data stored on the server. Lost data can impact the performance of the hosted applications or website and earn your brand a bad reputation. 

Hence, make sure that you take backups seriously and prepare yourself for any unforeseen eventuality. 

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