July 18, 2024


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Exactech announces first procedures with Newton knee tech

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Exactech Newton Knee
The Newton knee platform [Image from Exactech]

Exactech announced today that the first surgeries were performed using its Newton knee and new, user-friendly instrumentation.

Gainesville, Florida–based Exactech designed the Newton knee with soft tissue balancing technology for total knee replacements with a modernized graphical user interface to accompany the new instrumentation.

According to a news release, Stanford University’s Dr. James Huddleston, Cornerstone Orthopedic Institute’s Dr. Raul Marquez and Rush Memorial Hospital’s Dr. Jeffrey R. Ginther were the first to perform surgeries with the platform.

“Optimal soft tissue balance, combined with personalized implant placement, has the potential to improve on the historical outcomes of knee replacement,” Huddleston said in the release. “Exactech is yet again leading the way with the Newton Knee, merging well-thought-out design and leading-edge technology to deliver real-time operative insights for balanced knee replacement results.”

The platform features instrumentation that seamlessly integrates the company’s flagship Truliant system, offering surgeons additional ergonomically designed options for intra-operative flexibility.

“Exactech has made continual ‘smart’ changes to evolve the instrument portfolio into an even better and more user-friendly system,” Ginther said. “The integration of the new instrumentation provides critical intra-operative data regarding soft tissue balance, which I find invaluable.”

Newton knee works in concert with Exactech’s guidance system, ExactechGPS, which provides real-time feedback through its powerful active technology. Marquez noted that the dynamic nature of the system reliably tenses patients’ ligaments throughout the full arc of motion, allowing for the personalization of implant placement and balancing of soft tissues appropriately for the patient’s anatomy.

Exactech said the Newton knee is currently in a pilot release with a limited launch planned for the second half of this year.

“We are excited to show the orthopedic industry how we are balancing bodies in motion with the exciting Newton Knee technology,” Exactech CMO and SVP of Large Joints Adam Hayden said. “Exactech is on a mission to improve patient outcomes through our unique and powerful approach to soft tissue management, and we are eager to demonstrate how all surgeons can achieve balanced results case after case.”


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