June 12, 2024


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Amazon Fire TV Adds ‘Free’ Section to Help Users Find Things to Watch

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If you own an Amazon Fire TV device, it’ll now be easier to find free things to watch. 

On Tuesday, Amazon began rolling out a new “Free” section to the Fire TV menu for US customers. You’ll find it at the top of the navigation bar. 

The company created the new section on feedback from customers, who’ve been requesting a more convenient way to discover free content over the TV streaming devices. “We wanted to build a curated experience that provides a simple way for customers to find movies and shows they love while also highlighting apps that offer free to watch content they may not have known about,” wrote Michael Polin, Amazon Fire TV marketing staff member. 

The new section promises to solve this by bringing much of the free content under one tab. According to Amazon, owners can expect to find thousands of free movies, TV shows, news programming and more. 

The providers include IMDB TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, Crackle, The CW and the News app, which supply ad-supported content. “You can also discover other apps that offer free content like Twitch, Red Bull, PBS and PBS Kids,” Polin added. 

The section will also be regularly refreshed with new TV shows and movies. “Most of the free tab consists of a collection of curated and thematic rows of movies and TV shows from our content providers. It also features a set of personalized, recommended rows of free movies and TV shows across categories like new, trending, and popular, as well as a dedicated row for news content,” Polin said.  

If you’re still looking for things to watch, many streaming services have been offering extended free trials to customers during the pandemic. So take advantage of them while you can. 

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