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5 Apps to Increase Productivity in Your Business

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5 Apps to Increase Productivity in Your Business

How productive is your workforce? If your team is struggling to meet deadlines or quotas, you might have to implement some better structure to increase productivity. When productivity increases, so do your profits.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get your team to kick productivity up several notches. You might just require the appropriate tools, such as the following five apps.

1. Fleet management software

No matter what kind of business you own, if you have a vehicle fleet, you have to manage it with a software program or two. Nowadays, it’s difficult to track fleet repairs, maintenance, and warranties manually.

Without streamlined management, you’ll end up wasting time and payroll dollars, and you’re likely to miss important details like warrantable opportunities.

Fleet management software also makes it possible to assign tasks to workers based on their skills. This ensures two positive outcomes: time is not wasted, and tasks get performed correctly the first time around.

A system of pre-assigned work supports a successful, proactive workflow and reduces wasted time. For instance, a repair shop used software from Cetaris to solve this problem and reduced its repair overtime by 90%.

Nothing will increase your team’s productivity more than making sure tasks get assigned – and assigned to the right people.

2. Project management software

You’re probably aware of project management software, but you may not recognize how worthwhile it can be for increasing productivity. For example, you can track just about anything using a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but spreadsheets invariably lack the flow and ease of project management software.

Spreadsheets might be accurate when programmed correctly, but they’re tedious and disconnected. As one company discovered, ditching Excel spreadsheets and adopting project management software increased billable work by 30% without their team having to do any additional labor.

This makes sense when you realize project management software is dynamic, and many applications offer integrations for other popular apps, which will enable you to connect all databases and teams together in one central location.

Currently popular project management solutions include:

·  Asana

·  Basecamp

·  Monday

·  Teamwork

·  Trello

3. Document e-signing software

If you send out contracts to clients or employees, you should start collecting electronic signatures to save on time and therefore money. You won’t have to go through the motions of preparing and printing a document, mailing it off, then processing the signed document when it eventually comes back in the mail.

Certain documents require a physical signature to be legal, but most can be signed electronically these days. Even if you only need to use it for a few contracts, it’s still worth acquiring e-signing software as part of your tool package.

There’s a difference between electronic and digital signatures, so make sure you obtain the right application for your needs. Either way, e-signature software will help you collect players’ John Hancocks quickly and easily, whether you need an electronic or digital signature.

4. A Grammarly subscription

If you have a marketing team that includes content writers or copywriters, you’ll increase productivity by getting them a subscription with Grammarly. This program enables you to paste in or upload a document to get suggested corrections regarding spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

This can save you time as well as the embarrassment of publishing a document that has multiple typos. Even if you have a team of editors, you should get Grammarly.

In fact, a Grammarly subscription will make your editors more productive by reducing the time they have to spend fixing typos and spelling errors that should be corrected by content authors.

It’s always good to have an editor proofread the final draft, but it’s easier to ask your writers to run their own content through Grammarly before they submit their content. Since they wrote it, they’ll be able to make necessary changes much faster than an editor can.

5. Cloud-based file storage

Storing files in the cloud using an app like Box or Dropbox will increase productivity to an amazing extent. According to data published by TechRepublic, more than 80% of workers can’t find an important document when asked by a superior.

In fact, studies show that workers spend more time looking for documents than actually working, and that’s a major source of wasted productivity. Part of the problem is that employees are overloaded and don’t have time to create an organized hierarchy of folders and files on their computer.

When you create such an organization in the cloud, where files are tagged and text-searchable, everyone on your team benefits.

Use apps sparingly for the best results

Although apps can increase productivity, it’s equally important to avoid using too many of them. Using more apps than you honestly need can derail your efforts and actually make teams less productive.

So make sure you’re not creating the “app overload” effect when you seek to increase your team’s productivity. Find the sweet spot by using only the apps that directly expand your firm’s productivity.

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