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10 Great Tools for Node.Js Software Development

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Every day developers are creating new frameworks with updated technology that is more scalable, efficient, secure, and user-friendly. Node.js is one of them. It is easy to operate for developers and gives impeccable results for the users. Its simple architecture is the main hero of the show here.  

We know that developing good software with all the required features and functionality is not a cakewalk, but it can be! How? With the use of the right tools. These tools make development tasks easier and quicker for you. 

Before jumping to the details about some amazing tools one can use while developing apps through Node.js, let’s walk through a few paragraphs about what Node.js is and why you should use it.

What is Node.js?

It is a JavaScript runtime environment introduced by Ryan Dahl back in 2009. It works on the Google Chrome V8 engine. It is a popular choice for creating apps on the Chrome JavaScript engine quickly. With an event-driven, non-blocking I/O architecture, you can make the apps lightweight and efficient. If you want to build data-intensive real-time applications for a distributed network of devices, then Node.js is an ideal choice.

It is basically a programming language. It allows you to create as many applications you want to run on as many different types of servers as you want. This includes macOS, Unix, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. 

Node.js development has always been the first choice among startups and enterprises. They choose Node.js developers for hire who can develop the application of their choice with the features that can provide maximum benefits to them.

Why Should You Choose Node.js Software for Your Web App Development?

Here, we have highlighted the major benefits of using Node.js for developing your next business application:


This is the benefit that rules all others! With Node.js development, you will always have a scope for up-scaling your application. This parameter is a must-check before opting for any development platform. With scalability, Node.js also offers the flexibility to add different features and technologies in your software.

High Performance

A benefit to never compromise on! Only with high performance can you make your application’s users happy. Because people are too busy looking at the loading sign and waiting for your app to respond to their actions. Save the frustration of users with Node.js. Its non-blocking, I/O operation with high efficiency provides a smooth performance and quick responses, which takes us to the next benefit.

Faster Response

Slow response is the most popular issue that gives bad customer reviews to your applications. To add speed to your application, Node.js has a lightweight structure. This makes your application quicker and more fun to use. Yayy to happy customer reviews!

Node.js development is best suitable for developing:

  • Real-time web applications
  • API development
  • Streaming applications
  • Microservices architecture
  • Data-intensive applications

Incredible Tools for Node.js Software Development

Out of many, we have handpicked the best Node.js tools for your business:

1) Express.js

Its minimalistic, flexible, and robust features make it the most popular choice of most Node.js developers. Its non-synchronous programming feature enables you to figure out multiple development operations simultaneously. This is an ideal framework for any single-page web application and APIs. With Express.js, you can also add plugins and extensions.

2) Koa.js

If you are looking for an ideal tool to create internet or mobile application with the possibility of customizations, then Koa.js is for you. It has a quick responsive ability. Plus, it is also able to handle errors on its own. Lastly, it doesn’t have a middleware attached which improves the app performance.

3) Socket.io

This tool for Node.js software development provides impeccable speed in real-time activity. Its smooth audio and video streaming add up to its feature list, which makes it a perfect choice for creating a chatbot or for adding an audio-visual streaming function to your application or website. It comes with a bi-directional communication capability that makes the communication between the client and server smooth.

4) Keystone

If you want to create database-driven web applications and APIs, this open-source framework is perfect for you. It is created on Express and MongoDB. You can generate UI automatically through Keystone, which makes handling the web app more simple for you. 

You can manage routes, views, templates, and a lot more through this tool with ease. Additionally, it provides a strong admin interface for the CMS (Content Management System). This streamlines the form-processing process for the admin.

5) Meteor.js

Meteor.js has a lightweight structure with cross-functional application attributes. Its fast responsiveness makes it popular among Node.js developers. It is the only JavaScript operative framework that makes it easy to use. It even supports all the OS like Android, iOS, web, and desktop.

6) Chai

This is based on TD (Test Driven Development) or BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) assertion library for the architecture and browser of Node.js software. With its awesome interfaces and chain-capable BDD style. It ensures good readability and expressive language. To create your plugins, you can combine it with any JavaScript testing framework.

7) PM2

This is one of the simplest tools to use for Node.js development. It works as a production process manager for your Node.js application. 

With its incredible features and inbuilt load balancer, this tool is a perfect choice for any production environment. It can check and reload your web application without any downtime. Wave goodbye to all the worries you have about crashes that may occur while restarting it. 

8) Electrode

This tool is created by Walmart Lab. It provides a standardised structure, high performance, and access to all the docs, module trees, components, etc. This tool enables the developers to deploy the applications to the cloud seamlessly.

9) Babel

It is a JavaScript compiler considered and used as an extensive toolchain. With this tool, developers do not need to write long codes for developing a website or an application. With its support map, you can debug the codes easily. Additionally, Babel mutates the ECMAScript 2015. This is a standard for all scripting languages for a backward-compatible JavaScript version. 

10) Mocha.js

This tool offers faster testing for integration and unit testing. It allows developers to test the codes in browsers and console both. It operates TD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) efficiently. Its module enables developers to use other libraries, like Chai, Sinon, etc., seamlessly with it.

Final Words

Node.js enables developers to create faster, scalable, and more responsive applications. With its amazing features and tools, you can make the most unique and advanced applications of all time. Its compatibility lets the users use it from various OS. 

As a business owner, you can hire a Node.js developer to develop an application in Node.js for you. With all the knowledge about its different tools and their potential, developers will be able to help you to bring the best out of your application.


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